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  • raksha-bandhan-in-jinnahs-pakistan

    Raksha Bandhan in Jinnah’s Pakistan

    By Nahir Javed In his famous presidential address to the constituent assembly of Pakistan on August 1947, Jinnah said “You may belong to any religion or caste or creed - that has nothing to do with the business of the state ... you will find that in (the) course of time...

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  • Embracing Edhi’s legacy

    By Zeeba T. Hashmi There can perhaps be never another man like Edhi, yet he left behind a legacy that cannot be stopped with his death. Today, no eye is without tear, yet there is an inspiration many take from his nobleness. Abdus Sattar Edhi was no ordinary man, but...

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  • Time to revisit Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

      By Waqas Ali Muluk Pakistan today faces a lot of challenges pertaining to its foreign policy. Since Pakistan Muslim League came into power in 2013, the foreign office has been working without a formal Foreign Minister, though on the documents  our Prime Minister\'s name who is responsible for this position....

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  • Harassment by Orya Maqbool Jan

    Zeeba T. Hashmi The recent controversy over OMJ\'s remarks on obscenity in a TV show on Neo TV has sparked debates on virtues and vice of female coming in their professional  public spheres. And it is no surprise that he thinks a woman to be \"bitch\'  who is supposed to...

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  • Can they stump Donald Trump?

    By Ahmed Bilal Choudry The US elections are considered the biggest elections of the world by reason of its magnitude, canvass, capital involved and the broad spectrum covering the whole world. Everybody is eager to hear the views of candidates running for presidency with attentiveness. As the United States emerged...

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  • Denial of Justice to Danish Kaneria

    By Zeeba T. Hashmi An ace player,  Danish Kaneria has been persistently denied justice, both at home and abroad. He was accused of corruption by a mere verbal statement of a fellow English county cricket team member, and thus convicted of spot-fixing. However, the fact remains that amidst media’s false...

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  • What the spiritual healer failed to prescribe me

    By Zafaryab Hassan As we all know, there is very poor medical facilitation for those who can’t afford private hospitals and they are bound to incline towards public hospitals. Public hospitals are going down not because of the fall in employment but because of the poor medical facilities, unresponsive behavior...

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  • Corruption, Panama and Robinhood Syndrome

    Zeeba T. Hashmi While the political scene is in a ruckus, we have shifted our attention to TV screens current affairs for entertainment. The flaring images of Imran Khan, Nawaz Shareef, and of course,  PPP leaders have all made us numb and indifferent towards the issues that sadly, need more...

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  • Democratic deficit in Pakistan

      By Asif Iqbal  Existence of divergent point of views among people in a society regarding any aspect of life is inevitable. Appreciating and recognizing this multiplicity of views is an essential element of a democratic society. And accompanying this appreciation, there is also tolerance and respect for these views, both...

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