Center For Peace And Secular Studies

Campaign to Recover Missing Persons

CPSS firmly believes in the right to a fair trial and strongly condemns the practice of forced disappearances. Raza – a member of the CPSS family – went missing and was assumed to have been abducted in an extrajudicial manner. After consulting with the courts, police and other law enforcement agencies and leaving with more questions than answers, CPSS decided to launch a campaign for the safe recovery of Raza and other missing persons. This campaign involved protests, press conferences, media campaigns, Twitter trends, vlogs and social media posts. CPSS was able to mobilize support from national and international organizations to recover the missing colleague safely and get accountability for those responsible. This was a massive success for civil society mass mobilization and movement campaigning. CPSS continues to demand the Government of Pakistan to ensure the safe recovery of all missing persons from across the country.