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By Ahmed Bilal Choudry

The US elections are considered the biggest elections of the world by reason of its magnitude, canvass, capital involved and the broad spectrum covering the whole world. Everybody is eager to hear the views of candidates running for presidency with attentiveness. As the United States emerged as an international policeman and it has always followed the trail of pulling the strings of others, the world is much concerned about the candidates and their to-do policies they will adopt internationally.

Donald Trump, a reality TV host and multi-billionaire estate entrepreneur and Republican frontrunner for the nominee of elections, has been much discussed since his announcement of candidature for President by reason of his individuality and opinions about international and domestic issues. He owes much of his popularity to his years’ long appearance in reality show. The outspoken Trump has raised a storm in the media and American voters by his personality. Many anticipate him to be enjoying iconoclastic stature in American politics but many think him little more than a maverick. Whatever he is, he cannot be ignored. Though Hillary has surpassed Trump in the race to woo voters, one thing is sure; Hillary may create fewer ripples in the ages old American political system. The advantages she enjoys over Trump are to be the former first lady of United States during Bill Clinton’s presidency, has been a state secretary and a senator but people are more inclined to vote for her just to command the credit of having the first female president which has been long overdue to the greatest democracy in human history. And while Trump has lagged behind Hillary, his defeat will push him closer to his victory in the next run; Trump had earlier campaigned in 2000 and proved strong nerved to keep his struggle alive for next 16 years.

Trump’s individuality consists in his vocal advocacy of some rigid policies like deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants, erection of wall on US-Mexico border, banning of Muslims and surveillance of mosques. His comments on prohibiting Muslims entering US created an outrage throughout the world but it got soft reception domestically. A large majority of US wants the same treatment with Muslims and the Blacks. The Americans fundamentalists find in Trump their leader as he was long awaited.

Now, after the withdrawal of Senator Ted Cruz — a major competitor of Trump inside Republican Party — from the race to get his party nomination, Trump has darted one step closer to the White House. Ted Cruz was, seemingly, running a fabulous campaign and gave Trump a real tough time. Seeing Cruz’s abrupt withdrawal, none can ignore the invisible hands behind his withdrawal and it can be anticipated that the way is  clear for Trump to be the president of the US. Interestingly, opposition of Trump from the international media and political elite has lessened as the time of elections is nearing. Seemingly, the world has sensed that Trump might have destined to hold the biggest American public office.

Despite being presented the democratic side of Europe, its history is infested with dictators such as accursed German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, Italian fascist dictator Mussolini and Francisco Franco of Spain. More or less, dictators are always products of the time. A certain timeframe shapes them up into dictatorial figure, and so were these. Although it is far from the fact to liken Trump to such monsters as Hitler and Mussolini, as many call him the legacy of them, he isn’t even shadowed by them. These libelous comments are in the nature of things and a part of electioneering, and hence are mostly taken for granted by voters also. But he is the need of the present United States. Europe is at the brink of severe turmoil and the Paris and the Brussels attacks reek of the impending danger. The backlash of the long war on terrorism and current Syrian crisis will most probably haunt Europe for a long time. The United States has smelt this ‘bad odour’ and is feared to pay a hefty price for its heinous role in the Middle East. It needs a man less than a dictator and Trump may be a right choice.

A question can be raised: “Would Trump be a sane choice for the Americans and the world?” An astrologer can probably answer this question. Sanity of mind works in the days of peace while insanity of mind works wonders in the days of turmoil. Extraordinary steps are needed, though they seem ridiculous in the beginning, but have lasting impact in the end. America, under Barak Obama, accomplished big successes but it went stagnant. Hillary also seems to continue the current policies which will make little difference, but ‘filthy-rich’ Trump would follow a non-traditional tread.

Trump’s popularity plummeted briefly when he chastised Muslims but he managed to recover the loss before it got too late. His opinions about Muslims cannot be ruled out as they are accused, rightly or wrongly, for radicalization and fundamentalism. In the name of preaching and forcing others to follow the religion you follow, especially in their own country, is utterly demeaning. We have an example of great American boxer Mohammad Ali Cassius Clay who chose a non-violent way to preach Islam and has been running an Islamic center in America for decades. The purpose is same but the strategy and disposition are different.

However, there is a lot to disagree with Trump; deportation of a huge number of immigrants will dent American economy and social setup. These immigrants declared illegal by Trump have contributed considerably to the progress of America. As Europe is facing a severe human influx in the aftermath of the Syrian civil war, Trump’s narrative for deportation of Muslims is a sheer impractical approach.

The wavering attitude he has about his personal life cannot be endorsed, as he used to comment on his daughter’s luscious features. Talking about his glamorous past, he says the book would be the bestseller of the year if he opens up on his experiences with women. Such non-seriousness would spike his guns of becoming the world’s most powerful president.

Though Trump’s reckless policies cannot be accepted, he has spacious room to make way for him and will surely adapt his policies to further practicality. Still the daredevil ghost in him is able to refresh the stagnant American political culture. At least he has the courage to tread where others fear to

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