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Published: DAWN – January 5, 2014

LAHORE: On the third anniversary of murder of former governor Salmaan Taseer, civil society made its presence felt on Saturday holding a candlelight gathering at Liberty roundabout.

Holding placards inscribing “anti-terrorism and anti-extremism” slogans, the participants vowed to resist forces of regression and violence. “These forces of extremism are anti-literacy, anti-women and anti-progress and must be resisted,” a participant chanted.

“The societal degradation in terms of tolerance is threatening,” said Muhammad Tahsin of the South Asia Partnership (SAP).

“We all know it would neither add to country’s respect in the global perspective not to its development. This situation is a source of worry for every one, who wishes to country and its people progress. That is why civil society takes it as its duty to resist regression and promote progression,” he said.

Saeeda Diep, director of the Institute for Peace and Secular Studies, said: “Salmaan Taseer is a legacy that lives on through the struggle of people who continue to fight for the rights of the oppressed. He was the governor of the largest province of Pakistan and we should honor him by naming a road or roundabout after him.”