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Published: DAWN – March 24, 2013

LAHORE, March 23: Scores of civil society representatives, intellectuals, writers, poets and students on Saturday gathered at Fawara Chowk, Shadman, to mark the 82nd death anniversary of Bhagat Singh.

As the participants carrying placards and banners were paying a tribute to Singh at the location where he was hanged during British rule, a group consisting of workers of religious parties and local traders reached there in a bid to stop the vigil being held to honour the memory of Bhagat Singh. The two parties exchanged harsh words.

Earlier, the participants under the banner of Bhagat Singh Foundation highlighted Singh’s struggle and ideology.

Foundation’s president Abdullah Malik demanded Pakistan and Indian governments declare all freedom-fighters heroes of the movement against British rule.

“Since freedom fighters gave the message of tolerance, brotherhood and peace and raised voices against injustice and unfair distribution of resources in society, we should follow in their footsteps by struggling for our rights,” he said.

The participants lit candles in front of a Singh’s portrait, urging the authorities officially rename the intersection after him.—Staff Reporter.