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As a founder and organizer of National Student Organization and an author of a book with the same title, the discussion will be about his experiences and what we can learn as students again organize themselves on campuses.

Student Movements in Pakistan


Prof. Aziz-ud-din Ahmed

Date: Saturday 26th April

Time: 4:00 pm SHARP

Venue: Nehrghar – 5 Zaman Park

Prof Aziz-ud-din Ahmed taught English at the Punjab University. He was the founder of the National Student Organization and was linked to what was called ‘The Professors Group’, a group of teacher activists inspired by Maoist philosophy. He was instrumental in organizing students and has written a book ‘Student Movements in Pakistan’ about his experiences. He has also authored other books including ‘Why are we Poor’, ‘Can we live together’ and ‘Punjab and External Attackers’ (translated from Urdu Titles).


Nehrghar – 5 Zaman Park
On the canal, cross the mall road and take the 1st left at the Zaman Park sign
Take an immediate right on the side lane.
2nd gate on the left.

Post Update: 1/05/2008

Readers and attendees may like to read the book available for free online here.