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Pak India peace Initiative

Pakistan India Peace Initiative

With the intent of promoting peace and ending war-hysteria, CPSS started a youth exchange program where 150 youth from all over Pakistan visited India on a five day trip and stayed with host families. This experience was transformative for the participating youth as it dispelled the misconceptions and negative stereotypes about the “enemy”. Participants from both countries found common ground with each other – connecting over shared language, food and cultural heritage, and in many cases established long-term friendships. This was the first of its kind Indo-Pak Peace Initiative taken by Ngo to facilitate families who had migrated from India to Pakistan to revisit their birthplaces, ancestral homes and reconnect with long-lost relatives, childhood friends and neighbors.

After India and Pakistan conducted nuclear tests, CPSS started a campaign where multiple seminars were held in Delhi and Lahore to push for a nuclear-free South Asia. Politicians, artists, activists and retired senior military officials participated in the seminars that made a compelling case for the denuclearization of the region.

CPSS also co-hosted two peace marches: from Delhi to Multan and from Mumbai to Amritsar. People from both sides of the border enthusiastically participated in large numbers. Being the first activity of its kind in the region, it got prominent media coverage.