Center For Peace And Secular Studies

Pakistan India Relax Visa Policy

CPSS firmly believes in the need for regional peace in South Asia. Establishing peaceful relations between Pakistan and India will have a tremendous impact on uplifting the quality of life of people in both countries. In 2011, CPSS launched a yearlong campaign called the ‘Pakistan-India Relax Visa Regime’ to create a constituency of political leaders, journalists, divided families, students, business leaders and traders who would actively support the cause of Indo-Pak peace and influence the government to achieve friendly relations with their neighbor. The activities included conferences on ‘Rethinking Pak-India Visa Policy’, and a signature campaign that reached out to nearly a million citizens, successfully obtaining 100,000 signatures on the petition. The petition, which called for a relaxed visa policy between India and Pakistan, was then delivered to the honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan. This initiative also involved school and college students through essay and poster competitions. The campaign was widely advertised in educational institutions, places of worship, bus terminals, marketplaces, and on banners and rickshaws around town. This activity was supported by the British High Commission.