Pakistan India Relaxed Visa Policy

Pakistan India Relaxed Visa Policy

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For details visit the Pakistan-India Relaxed Visa Regime website.

Pakistan and  India have fought three conventional wars and are additionally engaged in proxy wars in the region. Both being nuclear powers, this animosity has the risk of being a nuclear catastrophe for the region as both country’s last fought a limited war in 1999 while the armies again coming face to face in 2002. The risk of war is allayed by maximum people to people contact as the peace constituency between the countries counter the war hysteria after the increase in tension. The relaxation of visa regime will go a long way in building a peace constituency to being these countries together to conduct a dialog for peace.

IPSS has a long history of dedicated efforts to achieve Indo-Pak peace. The institute has organised talks, seminars and discussions to promote peace and friendship between the two countries.

Peace rallies have been organised as well. More importantly, IPSS takes a delegation of young students annually to the neighbouring country India. It has been helping bridging the gaps and developing friendships.

IPSS strives to create a shared constituency for peace among various segments of society of both Pakistan and India by highlighting and publicizing concrete benefits of relaxing the visa regime.