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Published: Pakistan Today – September 28, 2013

September 28, 2013 on 1:32 AM

Forman Christian College (FCC) organised a discussion titled “From Intolerance to Acceptance- A Path not taken”. FCC Centre for Dialogue & Action Academic Director Charles M Ramsey encouraged students to think of practical steps that they could take in this regard and invited them to write “I will” statements that reflected their plan of action. Institute for Peace and Secular Studies Chairperson Saeeda Diep pointed out the importance of understanding your own religion. She highlighted that this was the only way overcome false religious doctrines could be overcome. Peace and Conflict Studies Fulbright Specialist Dr Daniel J Christie also shared his message through a video. He emphasised that the need of the hour is to educate people that they can be diverse and different in their religion but they should respect each other’s differences. Anita Saleem, the organizer and a faculty member from the Department of Psychology summarised the importance of such educational endeavors’ in moving towards a change.

TEHRIK-E-TALIBAN PAKISTAN VS PAKISTAN: FCC Department of History Griswold History Society hosted celebrated journalist and commentator Mr Ayaz Amir for a talk on ‘Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan vs. Pakistan.’ In his talk Amir pointed out the absence of clarity on moral and legal grounds for talks. He noted that the terms set by the Taliban were extra constitutional which complicated the government’s ability to negoitate with them. He also noted that in the current confused state it was not even known what the government’s conditions should be in negotiations, and what will happen if the talks fail.