Papers and Reports


  • Stance on Pakistan-India Relations

    The Institute for Peace & Secular Studies believes in, and promotes good relations between Pakistan and India. We believe that majority of the people in both countries who are poor cannot afford animosity and conflict between their respective countries. Thus we support all initiatives (socio-cultural and political) including pak-india...

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  • Taseer’s Murder Signifies the Hegemony of the Far Right in Pakistan

    Taseer’s murder signifies the hegemony of the far right in Pakistan The murder of Governor Salman Taseer by Mumtaz Qadri, a member of the Elite Police Force was a shock but the bigger shock came when an organization of Barelvi sect forbade prayers for Taseer, when hundreds of lawyers came...

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  • Gojra Massacre – Referrences

    REVIEW OF GOJRA MASSACRE - REFERENCES   IPSS, Lahore August 4 � Incident in Kasur a month ago. Mosques used to incite people. State officials including the DCO and the RPO accused of not having provided security even after hours of pleading by the Christian community Act was planned Use of chemicals and acids Some Muslim families...

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  • Gojra attacks – A Review

      GOJRA ATTACKS REVIEW   User’s guide The numbers in () are references that can be consulted in the document “Gojra References” The Roman numerals i) ii) etc indicate different version of the same fact.   (more…)

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  • IPSS Paper – The Terrororizing Crises Of A Developing Nation State

    While the last 30 years have seen direct imperialistic presence in this region, domineering waves have long been blowing across these lands with grand designs of regional and world dominance, leading to concepts of Buffer State and unnatural colonial boundaries. Add to it two sworn rival states of recent...

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  • Students Issues at Punjab University

    The current scenario at Punjab University provides an opportunity to educate students regarding their own issues and organize them to work in conjunction with academic and administrative staff of the university to resolve them. This document is an outcome of interviews of students from various departments at the university....

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  • Research Report on Police Torture

      INTRODUCTION  The purpose of this report is to raise awareness about police torture in Pakistan. In this research, we seek to evaluate the existing level of awareness about the Convention Against Torture, reporting mechanisms of torture and explore in some detail the police-public relationship and make recommendations towards eliminating the...

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  • Youth Identity Research

      Background The demographic indicators for Pakistan are quite enlightening with 67% of the population under the age of 30. This young society is currently going through a crises situation with technology & globalization induced cultural change, a product of high mobile phone penetration, internet & cable television, excessive inflation...

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