Center For Peace And Secular Studies

Peace Mobile Cinema

In 2015, CPSS launched the Peace Mobile Cinema: Films for Peace. Since its emergence in 2015, the peace mobile cinema is still going strong in different forms and venues. CPSS has the privilege of being a trendsetter in this space by reviving cinema at the grass root levels through this project. The Mobile Cinema program catered to more than 5,400 children and youth who were sensitized to the message of peace and tolerance as a result of the film screenings. The target audience included students from schools, colleges, universities, madrassas as well as slum dwellers. Young people were shown films with a strong message of peace, tolerance, human rights, and women empowerment. Film screenings were held at various educational institutions, villages and towns in nearly all of the 34 districts of Punjab, including the most remote parts of South Punjab. Animation and live action movies like ‘Burka Avengers’, and a docu-drama produced by CPSS called ‘Umeed-E-Sehar’- based on a former terrorist’s life story – was screened at 3400 educational institutes throughout Punjab. Peace Mobile Cinema received an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences, including at Mukhtar Mai’s school in Muzaffargarh. The resounding success of the project has vindicated the Center’s conviction that Pakistanis are more receptive to the message of peace, tolerance and love than they are to extremism and hate. This activity was supported by the Umeed Jawaan Project (Creative Associates International).