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The current scenario at Punjab University provides an opportunity to educate students regarding their own issues and organize them to work in conjunction with academic and administrative staff of the university to resolve them. This document is an outcome of interviews of students from various departments at the university. It is a working document as only students from Hailey College of Commerce, Law College, Political Science, Sociology, Pharmacy, Biological Sciences and Physics were interviewed. Still it highlights issues common to all departments. Next steps should be to conduct a detailed survey of students from all departments to compile a comprehensive list of student issues, have an extensive discussion among the student body in devising recommendations to resolve these issues and then presenting recommendations to the University Senate and Syndicate to take appropriate measures and devise a comprehensive implementation plan to resolve them.

The purpose of this exercise is to instill within the student body that the main purpose of the Student Union is to provide an environment for world class educational experience at the university which is only possible when students and staff work in conjunction to remove all hindrances towards quality class room instruction as well as a opportunities for out of class learning experience. This paper considers resolution of student issues as the essence of political activity at the university. Only by discussing and resolving their own issues, will students be able to relate their own reality with that of the nation and constructively take part in national politics.

This paper argues that it is the lack of services provided by university administration that leads to patron-client relationship between a student union and students. Till the university improves its services, academic standards and faculty professionalism, student unions will serve as student service providers (by hook or by crook) rather than representatives of genuine student demands.

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Sumeer Kumar

June 16, 2022

Very important issue