Center For Peace And Secular Studies



 The Centre for Peace and Secular Studies was created with the aim of promoting the principles of civic freedom, modern democratic values, secularism and equality for all citizens irrespective of their gender, nationality, religion, caste or creed. The Centre also aims to create awareness about personal accountability, social ethics and civic responsibility at all levels of society.


CPSS believes in the elimination of extremism through promoting the values of democracy, acceptance, equity, peaceful coexistence and human progress. To this end, CPSS focuses on engagement with decision makers for the adoption of policies that are in the best interest of the people of Pakistan. CPSS effectively operates as a multifunctional watchdog that seeks to create awareness and promote transparency through providing information and resources to concerned individuals, organizations and stakeholders across the board.

Secularism is a term marred with cynicism in Pakistan. CPSS strives to clear misunderstandings about the concept and to promote and propagate the real spirit of secularism: to advocate for the freedom of all to practice their religion without state interference.