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The demographic indicators for Pakistan are quite enlightening with 67% of the population under the age of 30. This young society is currently going through a crises situation with technology & globalization induced cultural change, a product of high mobile phone penetration, internet & cable television, excessive inflation and a ruined economy due to insecurity, war and terrorism. Thus Pakistan is unable to generate the 2 million jobs required to keep its unemployment rate constant. An added complexity is the conditioning of the population by an ideological State base on its perceived national interests. In such circumstances, it is important to get a better sociological understanding of the youth to ensure that youth oriented programs and initiatives take into account the existing perceptions of youth about themselves and society.


There have been research initiatives targeted towards the youth but most have dealt with specific themes such as student politics, youth’s inclination towards extremism and there has been no comprehensive steady on Youth Identity. The purpose of this research is to explore the basis of youth identity for youth currently residing in Lahore. It aims to understand two broad aspects: On, How the youth of today perceive themselves as compared to their reality in terms of class, gender, ideology, and political & social outlook? Two, What are the means and sources of youth identity construction?

Given that it is an exploratory research, the purpose is to highlight the various trends and patterns among youth which can be further explored through a more in-depth qualitative study. Still this research aims to provide answers to the following questions & more:

  1. Is Youth Identity clearly marked and can it be differentiated based on class or gender?
  2. Which ideological currents (political, social & cultural) does youth subscribe to and why?
  3. What are youth aspirations and perceived hindrances in achieving them?
  4. How does youth express itself?
  5. How is the youth spending their time; Where do they get information from; What interests them and what are they curious about?


This research comprises of the following phases:

  1. Research Construction: This initial stage requires existing literature review on youth in general and Pakistani youth in particular. Additionally it involves brainstorming sessions with the youth and research construction team to construct a survey instrument, its testing followed by its finalization.
  2. Research Sample & Survey: This phase involves creating a representative research sample. The research universe for this study will be youth between the age of 18-30. We would primarily be concentrating on Lahore (as Lahore attracts youth from different parts of Punjab & also students from other parts of the province). Additionally the sample will include the following

This phase will encompass a Research Methodology Workshop for survey volunteers followed by conducting of survey by each volunteer in the field.

  1. Data Entry: This phase involves entering survey data in statistical software for analysis. A survey data entry form will be created to allow a lay person to enter data. Following the testing of the form, all the completed surveys would be entered in the survey form. All volunteers will be given a Data Entry Workshop before the beginning of this phase, while this phase will run in parallel to the Survey phase.
  2. Data Analysis: This phase will involve an overview of Research Analysis along with a workshop in statistical software. Volunteers depending on their skills and academic background would be given an opportunity to analyze the data and write a short report on a tested hypothesis.
  3. Research Report: A number of essays written by volunteers based on the data collected will be combined to produce a research report on youth identity.


IPSS offers un-paid summer internship to university students. Volunteers will learn by participating in all stages of research. They will receive a certificate on the completion of research and additionally their paper may be published in the analysis report depending on the quality.

Research Schedule:

The research has already been started and is currently in the Survey phase. Following is the research schedule for the summer:

Volunteer Registration up till June 17
Research Methodology Workshop 2pm, June 18
Surveying June 18 – July 15
Data Entry Workshop June 25
Data Entry June 26 – July 29
Research Analysis Workshop
Hypothesis Construction Seminar
SPSS & Statistical Analysis Workshop
July 30 – July 31
Research Analysis Aug 01 – Aug 26
Paper Writing Aug 15 – Sept 5

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IPSS is a volunteer based community effort focused on a pro-people agenda. Our mission is to struggle for a peaceful society by generating and promoting discourses that encourage compassion, peaceful coexistence, diversity and plurality of opinion.

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The download links for forms being used to conduct this survey are provided below:

  1. Youth Identity Survey Form (English)
  2. Youth Identity Survey Form (Urdu)