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Published: Express Tribune – August 8, 2011 By Aroosa Masroor Participants call for nuclear non-proliferation, disarmament. LAHORE:Pakistan needs to learn from Japan and its resolve for

Published: Pakistan Today – August 7, 2011 Activists hold vigil to remember the trauma and terror of the Hiroshima nuclear strike to dream up the future

Published: Times of India – July 10, 2011 LUCKNOW: The diplomatic relations between two nations cannot last long if the contact between their people is hampered.

Published: Pakistan Today – June 20, 2011 During a talk at IPSS, Dr Mubarak Haider discusses how Iqbal’s glorification of the plunderer’s sword and Sayyid Qutb’s

Published: The Friday Times – April 8, 2011 In the name of Bhaghat Singh   Haroon Khalid The revisionism of a few determined progressives is gaining