Center For Peace And Secular Studies

Our Story


During the early 90s, a group of concerned citizens discontent with the growing intolerance, extremism, hate and violence against religious minorities in Pakistan decided to form an organization called the Institute for Peace and Secular Studies to counter these negative trends. This group consisted of individuals from different backgrounds and professions including lawyers, activists, trade unionists, journalists, academics, artists and medical professionals.

Initially, the group wanted to maintain the organization as a community-based volunteer entity, however as time went by, the need to expand the organization’s operations and capacity grew. This included developing a professional framework and streamlining processes for the procurement of resources to maintain a fully functioning organization that was ready to respond to the ever-increasing need for peace and civility in society. After jumping through many bureaucratic hoops and overcoming intense opposition, this organization was officially registered as the Center for Peace and Secular Studies (CPSS).


Since its inception, CPSS has continuously campaigned for the promotion of religious tolerance, harmony, equality, justice, peace, secularism, human rights and social inclusiveness. CPSS has always stood against the discriminatory practices and laws that have been used to subjugate and oppress the rights of vulnerable groups, including religious, ethnic and gender minorities. CPSS has consistently strived to promote modern democratic values and Universal Human Rights, while challenging misconceptions about secularism, democracy and human rights on all fronts including the socio-political, media, legislative, and academia.  

CPSS firmly believes in equal rights for all citizens regardless of their ethnicity, caste, creed or religious affiliations. The organization aspires towards a democratic, peaceful, prosperous and progressive Pakistan maintaining friendly relations with neighbors in South Asia.

The organization has a long history of organizing social and cultural activities that engage different segments of society on a progressive platform of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Some of these events have included vigils for victims of religious violence, open debates, seminars promoting peace and tolerance, a peace mobile cinema, open mics, film clubs, peace workshops and youth festivals.

As a defender of human rights and peace, CPSS has organized numerous events and activities to promote awareness about citizenship, social responsibility, personal accountability and the rights of citizens.

With the help of committed volunteers, CPSS has always strived to provide humanitarian assistance to communities in need during natural calamities like earthquakes and floods – disseminating essential supplies, goods, resources and providing logistical support.