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Published: The News – August 9, 2012 The dialogue hosted by the Institute for Peace and Secular Studies concluded on Wednesday, with the consensus that putting

Published: Daily Times – August 1, 2012 In the aftermath of two gory incidents, organisations such as the IPSS have helped lessen the intensity of animosity

Published: The News – August 1, 2012 Indian academic Salma Siddiqui is on her fourth visit to Pakistan since the year 2000, for research in connection

Published – Pakistan Today – July 31, 2012 LAHORE – A campaign has been launched to build ‘constituencies of peace’, demanding a relaxed visa policy between the traditionally

Published: Express Tribune – July 28, 2012 LAHORE: “Screening Pakistani films has opened a window for us [in India] across the border,” Salma Siddiqui told The Express Tribune.