Center For Peace And Secular Studies

Nuclear Free South Asia

Not learning lessons from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Pakistan conducted five underground nuclear tests on 28th May 1998, the tests were in response to India’s nuclear ventures. At the time both countries were in a state of perpetual conflict and the lives of billions of people were in jeopardy as the threat of nuclear war loomed in the air. CPSS understood the grave threat to countless human lives and started a Peace Walk from Delhi to Multan on foot. The purpose was to sensitize the common people about the threat and effects of nuclear war in South Asia. The participants were able to mobilize from Delhi to Wahga border, however the Pakistani authorities refused to grant permission to the marchers to walk towards Multan. Despite countless issues and problems, the campaign was successful in highlighting the threat of nuclear warfare and to get signatures regarding de-weaponization of the both countries, resolving the issue of Kashmir through peace and relaxing the visa policy between the two countries.

The participants of the Peace March decided to continue the efforts for de-weaponization of the two countries and decided to further the movement in shape of seminars. CPSS immediately started a series of protests for Nuclear Free South Asia, furthermore two seminars were conducted in Lahore and Delhi. Panelists of the seminars consisted of renowned retired military officers (India), celebrities, peace activists and parliamentarians from India.