Center For Peace And Secular Studies

Peace on Wheels

Extremist messages are routinely displayed in public places through posters, wall chalking, banners etc., and on modes of public transportation such as rickshaws, buses and trucks. CPSS decided to reclaim the public space by using the extremists’ propaganda tools against them to counter their narrative by disseminating messages of peace, tolerance, inclusion, co-existence, harmony and progress. The ‘Peace on Wheels’ initiative employed hundreds of rickshaws, which are widely used as a means of transportation for lower and middle-income Pakistanis, to disseminate messages about Pakistan-India friendship, women empowerment, acceptance for minorities, and safe ways of giving charity. CPSS is the pioneer of this methodology for awareness-raising among the masses in Pakistan and feels honored that this trend is being followed by other organizations as well. It is necessary to acknowledge the efforts of rickshaw drivers from the Christian community who cooperated with CPSS by continuing to display the messages without any added incentive.