Center For Peace And Secular Studies

Unite for Peace

The tragic attack on the Army Public School left all Pakistanis shocked, heartbroken, and in denial. CPSS an Ngo working for Peace building believed that an act of such unprecedented and indescribable brutality and violence deserved a powerful and determined response from all Pakistanis: a stern repudiation of a culture of intolerance, extremism, and terrorism. CPSS appreciated the efforts of the Pakistani State in curbing and eliminating terrorism through the National Action Plan. To bolster the National Action Plan, CPSS organized ‘Unite for Peace’ – a campaign consisting of seminars, rallies, mushairas (traditional form of poetry recitation), public messages and petition signing. The seminars were held at public and private universities in central and southern Punjab. CPSS set up tables at the universities to distribute materials on the National Action Plan and students were encouraged to sign the petition. Public messages were displayed on billboards and broadcasted via radio, and poets from different parts of Punjab were invited to recite poems about peace. A Facebook page called ‘Aman Hamara Haq’ (Peace is our right) was created to provide a platform for all peace loving citizens to share their thoughts, concerns, fears, and hopes. The Facebook page received many followers, likes and comments.
This activity was supported by DAI.