Center For Peace And Secular Studies



Date February 16, 2013

Time 6:00 PM

Location  Liberty Roundabout, Lahore

Just 37 days ago, 130 Hazaras were killed in twin bomb blast on #AlamdarRoad and now 40+ people, including women and children have lost their lives in yet another blast. This time the blast took place in one of the two ghettoized enclaves, HazaraTown. Its still February, 16th and Hazaras have lost 170+ community members. The perpetrators are now committing mass murders, instead of target killings. 10 more months and years of pains and sufferings are ahead. But my people will never resort to violence and this makes them Hazara, the symbol of peace and nonviolence, the identity they don’t want to lose. The Hazara Persecution is the manifestation of entrenched sickness of the society that our policy makers systematically nurtured in the past and at the same time it depicts the failure of all the state institutions form LEAs to Judiciary and political government. And lastly, why shouldn’t  it be called Genocide when the murderers claim that they are going to wipe out the entire community.

Please join us to condemn the killing of hazaras, sunday 17th 6 pm at liberty round about.